Anuncio de seminario

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Fecha y hora: 16.01.2019, a las 12.00
Lugar: Salón de actos del Cubo Amarillo



Some novel biologic strategies are providing excellent results for cancer treatment in preclinical models and pilot clinical trials. In this presentation, we briefly describe, for physicists and engineers, novel cancer treatments and the improvement in the prognosis they could bring to patients, together with some technical and economic difficulties for their widespread extension. In particular, we explain: 1) cancer targeted therapies based on immunology, through specific antigens, monoclonal antibodies and CAR T cells; 2) inhibition of signaling pathways of cancer cells; 3) inhibition of absorption of vital nutrients for tumor development and survival. We also show how physicists and engineers may help in the development of those treatments through optimizing drugs, therapy monitoring, aiding drug delivery and through direct physical action.