Anuncio de seminario

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Fecha y hora: 20.02.2019, a las 12.00
Lugar: Salón de actos del Cubo Amarillo



In the last decade there has been an increasing interest in portable MRI devices. The scientific community has engaged a new generation of engineers into the development of clinical MRI tools able to be placed in ER and ambulances. Their efforts have resulted in several prototypes that, although useful, are still far away from being considered as portable MRI devices.
Our group is devoted to develop new MRI prototypes which, taking advantage of NMR concepts, are able to overcome the technology available up to know. We focus in the enhancement of the spatial resolution in our low field devices through MAS techniques. We also try to enlarge the SNR in MRI experiments by adding extra polarization of certain molecules and magnetic enhancement of contrast agent.
In this talk I would like to provide you with an overview of our work during the last year and a half and future prospects that we are trying to push forward.

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