Anuncio de seminario

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Fecha y hora: 06.11.2019, a las 12.00
Lugar: Salón de actos del Cubo Amarillo



During the acquisition of medical images, patient motion can significantly hamper the high resolution imaging capability of PET scanners. The appearance of both inter- and intra-frame motion artifacts can damage the frame-acquired (dynamic) PET data and ruin the resulting PET images. This calls for appropriate motion- correction techniques that considerably reduce (ideally eliminate) these kind of artifacts in PET imaging systems.
For this purpose, an enhanced motion correction algorithm (EMAF) is proposed. This method is able to split, classify, reconstruct and recombine the acquired data depending on the movement registered by an optical camera. This algorithm has been tested with simulations in different PET system configurations with solid results. The EMAF also exhibits the advantage of working with relatively fast movements and short computation times. During this talk session, it will be exposed the main features of this framework and discussed the advantages, limitations, state-of-art and future improvements of this PET correction.

Las transparencias de la presentación están disponibles en este enlace.