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Fecha y hora: 28.10.2020, a las 9.30
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Nanophotonics is the study of light at the nanometer scale where new optical phenomena can arise and may lead to the development of novel photonic technologies with superior operation and enhanced functionalities. Numerous potential applications have emerged since the origin of this exciting discipline ranging from telecommunications to medicine, among many others.

The advance in nanophotonics has involved the study of the interaction of light with nanostructured inorganic semiconducting substrates (traditionally Silicon) with different designs, such as photonic crystals, photonic waveguides, split ring resonators and metasurfaces. However, these devices have physical and technological limitations that can be overcome through their integration with novel nanomaterials. This smart integration allows multi-functional performance owing to the manifold of attractive properties that are intrinsic to molecules: tunability, lightness, biocompatibility, low-cost, large-scale and easy processability, for instance.

On the other hand, successful operation of photonic nanodevices has allowed the development of advanced nanodevices able to improve the detection and characterization of molecules. For example, the detection of molecules at ultralow concentrations, ultra-compact integrated systems for lab-on-chip applications or new substrates and assays suitable for nanoscale functional imaging.

This is, therefore, a two-way route that paves the way towards the development of hybrid systems that combine the robustness of the nanophotonic platform with the versatility of molecular building blocks with multiple applications.