Two PhD candidates awarded in the XI Congreso Ibérico de Acústica/51º Congreso Español de Acústica

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Sergio Jiménez Gambín and Diana Andrés Bautista, PhD candidates at the Ultrasound Medical and Industrial Laboratory (UMIL), have been awarded ex aequo with the Andrés Lara 2020 prize in the XI Congreso Ibérico de Acústica/51o Congreso Español de Acústica.

Sergio Jiménez has been awarded for his work Hologramas Acústicos para la apertura bilateral de la barrera hematoencefálica en ratones in vivo, where a simultaneous bilateral blood-brain barrier opening using acoustic holograms is achieved for the first time in mice in-vivo. The research was carried out under the supervision of Noé Jiménez, Francisco Camarena, José M. Benlloch, and under a collaboration with the Ultrasound Elasticity and Imaging Laboratory (UEIL) at Columbia University in the City of New York, supervised by Antonios N. Pouliopoulos and Elisa E. Konofagou.

Diana Andrés obtained the award for her work on Multifocal acoustic holograms for ultrasound focusing at deep brain structures, in the research line of designing 3D acoustic holograms to correct the aberrations produced by the human skull while generating a multifocal volumetric targeting covering the complex geometry of different cerebral nuclei, under the supervision of Francisco Camarena, Noé Jiménez and Sergio Jiménez.

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