Premio a una de las tesis doctorales más relevantes del CSIC a Sergio Jiménez Gambín

Beca Jae Intro 2022 en el UMIL

I3M at IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium (IUS 2022)

Irene Pi-Martín, PhD of the Ultrasound Medical Industrial Laboratory, awarded in the Euronoise 2021 Conference by the “Luis de Camoens” chair.

Math&Beyond UPV – “Covid-19: Aspectos epidemiológicos y matemáticos”

Two PhD candidates awarded in the XI Congreso Ibérico de Acústica/51º Congreso Español de Acústica

Students awarded in the International Congress FIA 2018 (Cádiz, Spain)

The MRILab will participate in fast imaging for the food industry

The LIAA group has detected laser-accelerated protons with energies exceeding